Doing small things, making a big difference

The Good Neighbour Scheme is a free service supporting the community with a team of volunteers to help people who are having difficulty with the ordinary things of everyday life.

The Scheme is for anyone of any age and circumstances living in the Yarpole Parish, which includes Bicton, Bircher, Bircher Common, Cock Gate and Lucton.

The Scheme helps by doing the small things that make a big difference – the things that good neighbours do for each other. Here are a few examples: 

Fetching prescriptions or library books                                              

 Running errands and shopping

Practical tasks at home, such as changing a light bulb or hanging a picture

Filling in forms or writing letters

Walking and / or feeding pets

Finding out about other sources of help

Occasional light gardening or sweeping

Lifts for medical appointments

Occasional family back-up

Calling in for a chat

Coaching in using your computer

Yarpole Parish Good Neighbour Scheme needs New Good Neighbours!

Over the last 9 years the Yarpole Good Neighbour Scheme volunteers have completed over 780 tasks for members of our community, including lifts to health-related appointments, small tasks around the garden or home – changing light bulbs, delivering grocery’s and prescriptions, collecting shopping, dog walking, to name but a few!

Several of our small band of faithful volunteers (many of whom have been with us since the start of the project) have had to relinquish their volunteering activities, leaving us struggling to fulfil some of the requested tasks, So:We desperately need more volunteers

If you think you can help us in this or any other way, please contact Barbara on 01568 780637.

Remember you are in control of how much time you give.

We rely on donations from our “clients” and although the Scheme is not expensive to run it does incur regular expenses, the most expensive being Public Liability Insurance and the telephone. If you would like to make a donation to enable us to keep the service running, please place it in an envelope in the Good Neighbour Scheme box in the shop.


Call us anytime on 07885 525776. If you have to leave a message one of our volunteer co-ordinators will ring you back as soon as they can. 

Whatever your need, just ask; we will do our best to help.


Membership is free and is open to anyone regardless of where they live or whether they use or volunteer for the Scheme. Contact us on 07885 525776 for an application form.


Scheme Co-ordinator – Barbara Nurse

Co-ordinators - David Edwards, Jane Praill

Treasurer – Linda Mckinley

Managing Committee –Val Ainsworth, Sebastian Bowen, Linda Mckinley, David Edwards, Barbara Nurse, Jane Praill.